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How can we mitigate the negative effects of waste equipment?

  1. Before buying a new appliance, let us consider whether we really need a new one and whether we can still make use of the old one.
  2. If we decide to make a purchase, we dispose of the old appliance at the store. The merchant will accept it free of charge.
  3. Old appliances are also accepted free of charge at collection centres where separate waste collection is organised and where WEEE has its own special section. Here, the responsibility is transferred to ZEOS.
  4. In the name of members of the collective scheme of WEEE management, we accept the waste equipment from merchants and collection facilities and take care of its further treatment.
  5. The equipment is sorted by type and transported to individual operators for disassembly; individual components are then taken for further processing.
  6. For certain groups or parts of equipment, there are no appropriate processing facilities in Slovenia, and transport to other countries is therefore required.