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carobni dan 2E-transformer je v nedeljo 1.9.2013 obiskal ?arobni dan v Vol?jem Potoku, kjer je zbiral E-odpadke in odpadne baterije. Vsem obiskovalcem je predstavil pravilno lo?evanje s tovrstno opremo. Otroci, ki so oddali risbico na temo E-ODPADKE LO?UJ IN OKOLJE VARUJ! so pa prijeli prijetno presene?enje.



EKO DAN NA ?AROBNI DAN Vedno bolj se zavedamo, da je naše okolje potrebno negovati in ohranjati, da ga bodo lahko uživali tudi naši otroci.

V ta namen bomo na ?AROBNEM DNEVU V VOL?JEM POTOKU v nedeljo 1.9.2013 zbirali odpadne baterije in manjše elektri?ne aparate (telefoni, MP3, igra?e na baterije in/ali elektriko, el. orodje, brivnike, sušilnike las....

V mesecu juniju, 7. in 8.2013, bo v Krškem v organizaciji družbe Kostak d.o.o., potekalo XXIX. sre?anje delavcev komunalnega gospodarstva Slovenije - Komunaliada 2013. Na tem sre?anju sodeluje tudi podjetje ZEOS d.o.o. s predstavitvijo E- Transformerja in nagradno igro za retro hladilnik. Malce miganja in hladilnik je lahko vaš. Vabljeni!

pdfPravilnik nagradne igre za Komunaliado 2013

Commissioner Potocnik would partake in a joint mission with Commissioner Tajani to China in July. The mission will be centred on the theme "Green Growth". We have been advised by ENTR that a dedicated website (with on-line registration) has been launched TODAY and we would appreciate if you could bring this site to the attention of companies/associations in your respective sectors.
Companies operating in the air quality, water treatment, waste management, resource and energy management and environmentally friendly technology sectors are particularly encouraged to join the mission.
Please therefore pass on this information asap in view of the limited number of places.
All details are provided on the website, please see

RECAP: Slovenia WEEE campaign »Odlo?uj!« inititive in Pomurje region"Separate E-waste and protect the environment," was the headline under which yet another regional campaign of the Life+ Slovenia WEEE Campaign »Odlo?uj!« was successfully completed, this time in the Pomurje region. The e-waste collection and awareness initiative was carried out by ZEOS with the cooperation of one of our important project stakeholders »Saubermacher-Komunala«, local public waste collection provider, and media support of radio »Radio Murski val« which announced the end of the regional campaign on Friday, 12th April.

Altogether 24 schools from the left bank of the river Mura participated in the initiative. With the help of the local community, altogether 18 different municipalities, students and teachers collectively turned-over more than 235 tons of waste electrical appliances and batteries. The result is more than perfect, because the amount collected in just under a month represents almost two-fold the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment collected by the public service provider Saubermacher-Komunala in the region annually.

Akcija Dnevi odprtih vrat po slovenskih ob?inahOpen-door days and E-transformer presentations taking place across Slovenia

Together with local public waste collection companies - one of the main Life+ Slovenia WEEE Campaign project stakeholders, we are out in the field again, raising awareness about the importance of proper WEEE treatment and handling in 30 biggest Slovenian municipalities. Accompanied by an advertising campaign through distribution of leaflets and campaign materials we will have reached more than 1 million Slovene citizens, or half the population, by summer 2013. E-transformer will be on duty on weekends and shown on display in town squares and city centres across Slovenia. Households and local communities are invited hrough local media (radio, press) and encouraged through competitions to take part in community action in collection of various WEEE.  Additional information is available through this link:

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