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E-transformer welcomes participants of environmental conference: Challenges of innovation and sustainable developmentPrevalje was a meeting point for business, education, research, sustainable and innovative interests of sustainable development for two days – September 10th and 11th 2012. A two-day Conference, which brought together investors, professionals, practitioners, researchers and decision makers in the areas that contribute to innovative and sustainable future for our environment was held.

Concert of "The Stroj" (eng. The Machine) and Slovenia WEEE campaign vehicel "E-transformer" at the recycling center Gorenje Surovina in MariborWithin the European Capital of Culture we attended the concert of "The Stroj" with E-transformer, which took place on 24th August 2012 at the recycling center Gorenje Surovina in Tezno, Maribor. The Stroj was originally inspired by a percussion band with instruments such as scrap plastic and metal drums, having served the machine parts and various work tools.

Vabljeni na ?arobni dan v Arboretum Vol?ji Potok, kjer si boste v E-transformerju lahko ogledali pravilno ravnanje z odpadno elektri?no in elektronsko opremo ter odpadnimi baterijami in akumulatorji.


On the way!

E-transformer – solar multimedia vehicle prepared by ZEOS under the Life+ project Slovenia WEEE Campaign “ODLO?UJ!” is going on a summer tour around Slovenia.

With the mission of raising awareness of environmental issues related to the production and use of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), proper handling of WEEE and its treatment and recovery (including reuse and recycling) E-transformer will visit the largest Mercator shopping malls throughout Slovenia in July and August.

600 waste electrical and electronic equipment containers for 200 Slovenian schools


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On Friday the 13th July, ZEOS presented it’s latest addition to the Life+ Slovenia WEEE campaign - E-transformer. A multimedia mobile caravan equipped with solar panels is actually a folding truck, equipped with the latest multimedia and lighting equipment, fully powered by its own solar power plant installed on the roof of the trailer. The latter was enabled and set up by Slovenian solar company Gorenje Solar. The mobile caravan, which will tour around Slovenia in the coming school year, intends to visit 200 Slovenian schools with the mission of raising awareness about the importance of proper management of WEEE.

Praznujemo 20 let Life+This year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of LIFE+, which passed into law on 21st May 1992 – paving the way for the launch of the LIFE programme - the EU’s financial instrument for the environment. 

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